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Bringing Dim Sum to the World - Chefs' Preferred Culinary Partner - Quality you can taste.

The next time you take a bite out of a SMH Dim Sum, you can rest assured that it is more than just good ingredients that went into making it. Each bite contains years of experience, dedication, and tradition. 

Chefs of 6-Star Hotels and distinguished restaurants build culinary reputations on the food they serve. They want to ensure that they serve only the best. Their high standards have made SMH into what it is today. We are continuously driven to distinction as we are moulded by great expectations.

We have the capability to produce over 300 different types of Dim Sum. This is attributable to our modular production facilities and skilled craftsmen. These factors give us the adaptability we need to customise our Dim Sum following the Chefs' creative directions.

World class hotels and prestigious airlines strive to deliver the most extraordinary experiences. SMH helps them to fly high by surpassing culinary standards. There is nothing conventional about SMH's Dim Sum. Where quality is concerned, there are always new heights to attain.

SMH in its dedication to produce Dim Sum of the highest quality
continuously employs the most stringent production methodology.
It is through this commitment to high standards that in 2001,
SMH becomes the first Dim Sum company in Singapore to be awarded
both the ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications.

2008 - The Official Supplier to the Inaugural Singapore Grand Prix, Formula One'sfirst night race

2009 - Appointed Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador

2010 - The Official Supplier to the Inaugural Youth Olympics Games in Singapore 

2016 - ISO22000 certified 

Discover our passion at www.smhfood.com 

Vegetable Gyoza (Vegetarian) (25gx100pcsx4bx)
Vegetable Pau (Vegetarian Bun) (30gx100pcsx3bx)
Vegetarian Har Kao (25gx100pcsx4bx)
Vegetarian Siew Mai (25gx100pcsx4bx)
Vegetarian Spring Roll (20gx100pcsx4bx)
Sandwich Skin (Plain Vegetarian) (30gx50pcsx3bx)
Plain Fritter (Vegetarian) (40gx20pcsx4bx)
Crystal Chicken Dumpling (25gx100pcsx4bx)
Glutinous Chicken Rice in Lotus Leaf (80gx50pcsx4bx)
Pandan Leaf Chicken (40gx50pcsx4bx)
Chicken Siew Mai (20gx150pcsx4boxes)
Chicken Wanton
Barbecue Chicken Bun (30gx100pcsx3boxes)
Chicken Pocket (25gx100pcsx4boxes)
Yam Ball (30gx100pcsx4bx)
Butterfly Shrimp Wanton (20gx100pcsx4bx)
Cabbage Prawn Roll (30gx100pcsx4bx)
Chilli Crab Pau (30gx100pcsx3bx)
Prawn Spring Roll Special (20gx100pcsx4bx)
Premium Net Prawn Spring Roll (25gx100pcsx4bx)
Vietnamese Sugarcane Prawn (35gx100pcsx4bx)
Scallop Dumpling (25gx100pcsx4boxes)
Mini Har Kao (15gx100pcsx4boxes)
Seafood Siew Mai (20gx150pcsx4boxes)
Shrimp Gyoza (25gx100pcsx4boxes)
Flower Wanton (Shrimp) (15gx100pcsx4boxes)
Vietnamese Spring Roll (35gx100pcsx4boxes)
Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau (30gx100pcsx3bx)
Sesame Peanut Ball (Vegetarian) (25gx150pcsx4boxes)
Net Sweet Potato Roll (25gx100pcsx4bx)
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