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Product » Kwality

In the year 2011 Kwality moved beyond ice cream through brand extension through a new Joint Venture Company named Pure Canadian Foods FZE

The Business was kick started with Long Shelf Life Frozen food products including Paneer, Rasmalai ( Indian Dessert ), Green Peas & Sweet corn.

In 2012 Ready to Fry frozen Finger Food including Veggie Burger, Batata Vada, Paneer Bites & Cheese corn Nugget have been launched.

The Dairy products are made in Canada, the frozen vegetables in USA and the Finger foods in India, through strategic tie-ups with World Class manufacturers.

We believe in healthy eating and great-tasting foods, respect for all living things, healthy kids, a good earth, and happy people.

We aspire to make the best-tasting vegetarian foods, always with real good ingredients. And we promise to always treat our vegetables and whole grains with dignity and respect.


Fried Malai Paneer 200g
Malai Paneer (block) 400g
Malai Paneer 200g
Malai Paneer 400g
Malai Paneer Nuggets
Cheese Corn Nuggets
Mixed Vegetables 400g
Sweet Corn 400g
Green Peas 400g