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Greenfarm - Guaranteed 100% Wholesome Vegetarian Products
The increasing worldwide trend towards focusing on health and wellness has seen more consumers switching to vegetarian diets. Vegetarian diets have been proven to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and blood pressure.
 • Greenfarm meatless products range offers a variety of “special meals” that cater for the needs of those individuals with specific dietary requirements.  Greenfarm products are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, or those requiring Kosher Parev Mahadrin, Shuddha or Weigh-less meals.  The mouth-watering range covers all needs in one meal and eliminates the need to serve a variety of dishes.
 • The Greenfarm brand is synonymous with absolute quality and true ethics of Vegetarianism.
 • All Greenfarm products comply with international standards endorsing vegetarian foods.
 • All products are precooked and therefore require little cooking time and should be cooked from frozen.
 • Greenfarm meatless products are made from conventional wheat and soya proteins and prepared in order to optimise food value.

For more information and interesting vegetarian recipes visit www.greenfarmfood.com
Vegetarian Princess Crispy G
Vegetarian Lamb
Vegetarian Sliced Mock Fish
Vegetarian Lobster Sliced
Vegetarian BBQ Frankfurt
Vegetarian Black Pepper Frankfurt
Vegetarian Delicious Burger
Vegetarian Chicken Burger (4’s)
Vegetarian Golden Polony
Vegetarian TS Cod Fish
Vegetarian Chicken Steak
Vegetarian Princess Golden Snack
Vegetarian Princess Gold Pieces
Vegetarian Rainbow Slices
Vegetarian Wheat Fish
Vegetarian Seafood Sliced
Vegetarian Rendang Curry Chicken
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