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Product » Lutosa

Today Lutosa is a leading brand name known for French fries and potato-based specialities, synonymous with reliability and professionalism. What makes Lutosa so special is our high level of integration, ranging from control of the raw material to the creation, manufacture, storage and sale of superior quality finished products throughout the world.


We are present in all market segments: hypermarkets, supermarkets and catering via wholesalers (for commercial and institutional catering and fast food chains) and industry (manufacturers of ready meals, bakery products, gnocchi, etc.).


In 2008, exports to 94 different countries accounted for 91% of our group's turnover.


Our exports are handled by sales subsidiaries (in France, UK/Ireland, Spain, Germany, China, Brazil, Japan, Poland and Italy), sales representatives or importers/distributors.


Our aim is to consolidate our presence in markets outside the EU, including the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Latin America and Russia.


Discover the new range of Extra Crispy and Fast Ready products specially developed for the food service sector.



Onion Rings 600g
FF Rustic Cut 1kg
FF 10/10 1kg
FF Allumettes 1kg
FF Steak Cut 1kg
FF 10/10 450g
FF Crinkle Cut 750g
Spicy Wedges 600g
Rostis 750g
School 750g
Croquettes 1kg
FS Straight Cut 1212 2.5kg
FS Allumettes 7-7 2.5kg
FS Straight Cut 1010 2.5kg
FF Xtra Crispy 10/10 2.5kg
FF Xtra Crispy 7/7 2.5kg
FF Xtra Crispy SkinOn Skinny 5.5-5.5 2.5kg
FS Straightcut 10-10 Xtra Crispy Skin-on 2.5kg
Veggie Burger 83g (~30pcs) 2.5kg
Potato Wedges SkinOn (/8) 2.5kg
Croquettes 2.5kg
Potato Flakes 5kg / Flocons PDT Puree
Xtra Crispy - Food Service Quality