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Pinguin is specialized in the development, production and sale of frozen vegetables, potato products and culinary, ready meals. The Group has more than 2.000 product specifications, ranging from freshly frozen or chilled basic vegetables to frozen culinary preparations.

The Pinguin Group now has eight vegetable production sites: Belgium (3), France (1), United Kingdom (4), nestled in the most fertile areas of Europe. Thanks to the geographical distribution, Pinguin guarantees that all vegetables are frozen within the shortest possible time after harvesting, since they are harvested from fields in the nearby surroundings of the production sites. Thanks to this distribution and the collaboration agreements with producers worldwide, Pinguin can offer a rich range of regional vegetables.
The second pillar is the quality care. We continuously invest in personnel, training and technology in order to guarantee our customers optimal quality. Motivated and well-informed people that are responsible for checking the freshness and quality of the raw materials and all quality checks throughout the entire production process together with highly technological installations are at the basis of Pinguin's quality. 

Innovation is the third pillar of Pinguin’s corporate philosophy. Thanks to the expansion of our R&D team, Pinguin has the capability to follow the latest developments and trends in food even better. Not just innovation in composing vegetable mixes, potato specialities and vegetable preparations, but mostly the development of new user-friendly (ready-to-eat) preparations that perfectly fit in with today’s food culture. Pinguin offers its customers a full solution. For customers in the food industry, food service and food retail, products are developed and offered that can be used to capitalize on rapidly changing consumer behaviour.
Discover more on http://legacy.pinguinfoods.com/en

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Mixed Vegetables 450g
Green Peas 450g
Sweet Corn 450g
Cauliflower 450g
Broccoli Florets 450g
Green Beans 450g
Sliced Mushroom 450g
Spinach Leaf 450g
Carrots Sliced Crinklecut 1kg
Baby Carrots 450g
Brussel Sprouts 450g
Whole green Asparagus 1Kg
Forest Mushroom Mix 1Kg
Fruit of Forest 1kg
Strawberries 1kg
Blackberries 1Kg
Blueberries 1Kg
Mango Chunks 1kg
Pomegranate 1Kg
Garlic Peeled Cloves
Garlic Puree 20g
Ginger Puree 20g
Corn Cob (2x230g) +/-150mm
Mix Veg 2.5Kg
Cauliflower 2.5Kg
Broccoli 2.5Kg
Sliced Mushrooms 2.5Kg
Pinguin China Mix 2,5kg
Pinguin Thai Mix 2,5kg
Pinguin Wok Mix 2,5kg
Mange tout (Peapods) 2.5Kg
Edamame Beans in Pod 1Kg