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Our brand: Tropic Surgelés

Convenience Food Ltd revolutionises the frozen pre-cooked food market by introducing a wide range of products marketed under the Tropic Surgelés label. Our team has developed a new range of premium products, which are not only healthy, nutritious, and convenient, but are beautiful and appetising to look at.

Frozen items including fish fingers, chicken sticks, nuggets and burgers are very handy for today's busy lifestyle. Our products are ready in a few minutes and can be prepared in a frying pan, grill or oven.

Why products from Convenience Food Ltd?

Because whenever you purchase a Tropic Surgelés product, you can be sure of :

• Quality – Tropic Surgelés carries 10 years of experience in the frozen value added food sector with a reputation of manufacturing premium quality frozen food products.
 • Taste – Great tasting products have always been the hallmark of Tropic Surgelés
 • Health – Tropic Surgelés products are manufactured under the highest quality standards of hygiene, using state of the art machinery and equipment.  We use nothing but the finest quality ingredients and raw materials.
 • Convenience – Our products are easily available at retail stores throughout the nation.  They are also available in various sizes to ensure your convenience and preparation is only a matter of minutes.
 • Value for money – Purchasing a Tropic Surgelés product ensures that you get the best quality product at the best price.
 • HACCP Certified - Food security system for your piece of mind.
 • HALAL Approved - Jummah Masjid Halal Council (JMHC).

Chicken ShaoMai (15 x 300g)
Chicken Catelesse (12 x 240g)
Chicken Catelesse Family (9 x 480g)
Fish Catelesse (12 x 240g)
Chicken Nuggets (12 x 215g)
Chicken Nuggets Family (9 x 500g)
Chicken Nuggets Cheese (12 x 215g)
Chicken Nuggets Tomato & Herbs (12 x 215g)
Chicken Sticks (14 x 300g)
16 Fish Fingers (14 x 360g)
Fish Sticks (14 x 300g)
Fish Nuggets (12 x 215g)
Royale Crumbed Fillets (12 x 500g)
Fish Cakes
Blue Whiting Steaks (14 x 400g)
Blue Whiting Fillets (14 x 400g)
Chicken Burger (28 x 240g)
Chicken Burger Family (14 x 480g)
Fish Burger (28 x 240g)
Fish Burger Family (14 x 480g)
Chicken Croquettes (15 x 200g)
Fish Croquettes (15 x 200g)
Cheese Croquettes Plain (15 x 200g)
Cheese Croquettes Flavoured (15 x 200g)
Gateaux Piment (15 x 200g)
Vegetarian Nuggets (12 x 215g)
Vegetarian Burgers Original (14 x 240g)
Vegetarian Burgers Spicy (14 x 260g)
Vegetarian Burgers Vegetables (14 x 260g)
Pizza Base
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Hawaian
Pizza Ocean Delight
Chicken Spring Roll
Fish Spring Roll
Chicken Mince (15 x 350g)
Vegetarian Spring Roll
Gateaux Piment Food Service
Customized Fish Fillets Portions
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