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About Us

Convenience Food Ltd is the pioneer in the production of value added frozen food in Mauritius since 1994 and products manufactured include various types of breaded and unbreaded chicken, fish and meat based items under the Tropic Surgelés label.  Recently a new vegetarian-based range has been extended to the wide range of burgers, nuggets, patties and fish fingers.

We are located in a modern factory of 12,000 sq ft with the latest production equipment and freezing technology.  Our blast freezing equipment is capable of freezing of pre-cooked products down to -40C in less than one hour thus guaranteeing optimum product safety, quality, taste and texture. The advantages of blast freezing reduces the deterioration of our products thus neutralising germs such as salmonella, which if uncontrolled increases to high levels within a few hours. 

We have our own laboratory with a qualified food technologist for regular testing and sampling of our products in order to ensure the highest quality standards of our products.  Furthermore random samples are sent to the Central Laboratory for independent testing on a regular basis.

The cold chain for our products is maintained from our cold stores until our clients via transportation in refrigerated vehicles and are monitored by temperature loggers.

With changing lifestyles and consumption trends, the consumer tends to trust pre-cooked frozen food.  Based on studies done in Britain, it has been proven that a frozen product manufactured according to strict quality standards is as nutritional and safe as a fresh product.

Food experts say “the food we take in has to look good, as well, in addition to being balanced.  Its appetising and fresh looks, satisfy the eater more”.

Eating healthy and nutritious food, is becoming the call of the day, and as awareness increases, society is moving away from unhealthy, fattening and overspiced food towards healthy, nutritious and balanced food, so Convenience Food Ltd keeps up with its traditions and has a solution once again.


We are a progressive food company having the highest quality standards, currently engaged in manufacturing and marketing of frozen value added chicken, fish, meat and vegetarian based products.  We believe in adding value to the lives of our consumers and to hire, train & motivate the best human resources.  We shall always strive to achieve and retain competitive advantages through consistent product development and continuous improvement through alliances with international companies.


Times are changing and the modern man continuously struggles to find more time for himself.  People crave for convenience in life and the only way to make more time is by cutting down on time consuming jobs like cooking, house cleaning, etc…  A company that believes in quick and convenient food preparations that gives its customers more quality time to enjoy life and great tasting food.

  • To produce locally and expand globally
  • To make our brands an essential part of every household
  • To maintain the highest standards in frozen value added food products and take advantage of pioneership in the frozen food market as well as research & development


CONVENIENCE FOOD LTD commits itself to develop, implement and maintain a Quality Management System based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP requirements for frozen processed/reformed value added fish, chicken, meat and vegetarian based products.

We shall communicate this quality policy to all our stakeholders and review the policy for continuing suitability of our system.

Convenience Food Ltd was successfully audited to HACCP certification since 12 November 2009.

Our products are Halal Certified by Jummah Masjid Halal Council (JMHC).

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