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» 05 May 2021
Shop Online
Shop Online in the safety & comfort of your home
» 22 Aug 2018
Garlic Ginger Purees

Pinguin frozen Garlic & Ginger Purees 


Now available in reseable zip bags for your convenience.

» 01 Dec 2017
nat. chicken franks

nat. premium halal chicken franks


» 14 Aug 2017
Vacancies ... Apply Now !
Currently recruiting delivery drivers - pls call 2481665 for an interview or email us your cv at convenience.food@intnet.mu
» 16 Jun 2017
Kwality Malai Paneer

Kwality Malai Paneer

New pre-marinated paneer tikka 


» 05 Jan 2017
SMH Dim Sum

SMH Making quality Dim Sum for the world to enjoy.  Chefs' preferred culinary partner now certified to ISO22000.


» 06 Oct 2016
Tropic Express
Tropic Express ... trusted products at the lowest price
15% discount on all products daily
» 14 Dec 2015
Yummy Delights

Throwing an impromptu bash ? But running out of time for snacks ??



» 03 Dec 2015
Pinguin ... the Vegetable Solution
Bringing you 3 Asian flavours for the food service industry; chinese, thai and wok mix
» 30 Oct 2015
Malai Paneer ... now fried
Kwality brings even more convenience to you ... fried malai paneer
» 13 Jun 2015
Enjoy the Goodness of milk with
Kwality ... a range of Paneer and vegetarian snacks
» 01 Aug 2014
JMHC Halal certified - Tropic Surgeles Products

Tropic Surgeles products now officially halal certified by Jummah Masjid Halal Council (JMHC)

» 23 Jul 2014
Business Magazine Ed 1141
Convenience Food Ltd - 20th Anniversary
» 10 Jun 2014
New Oceancatch Filament Flakes
our ever popular Oceancatch crabstick now in a 'flakes' version even more versatile in your kitchen and easier to use.
» 26 Dec 2013
Ayamas Halal Products

Introducing the leading brand of Halal products from Malaysia, Ayamas.
First in freshness, first in quality.

» 10 Oct 2013

Immediate Positions - currently recruiting

» 20 Apr 2013
New Greenfarm Products
New exciting Greenfarm Vegetarian Products heading towards you supermarket freezers next month ... check out !
» 28 Dec 2009
Floresco Ltd successfully audited to ISO9001:2008 / Convenience Food Ltd successfully audited to HACCP

SMH Dim Sum

05 Jan 2017

SMH - Chefs' preferred culinary partner -  Chefs of 6-Star Hotels and distingushed restaurants build culinary reputations on the food they serve.  they want to ensure that they serve only the best.  Their high standards have made SMH into what it is today.  We are continuously driven to distinction as wee are moulded by great expectations.

The next time you take a bite out of a SMH Dim Sum, you can rest assured that it is more than just good ingredients that went into making it.  Each bite contains years of experience, dedication and tradition. 

Our pooled knowledge and technical capacities acquired over 50 years is what gives SMH its distinctive strength - the ability to mass-produce more than 300 varieties of traditional Dim Sum that retain their authentic textures, flavours and goodness. We do it so well that our Dim Sum are served in the first class section of top airlines as well as the world's finest hotels. We achieve this by employing a versatile hybrid of labour-intensive processes together with modular machinery, merging the beauty of craftsmanship with the wonders of automation. 

SMH in its dedication to produce Dim Sum of the highest quality continuously employs the most stringent production methodology.  It is through this commitment to high standards that in 2001, SMH becomes the first Dim Sum company in Singapore to be awarded both the ISO9001 and HACCP certifications.

In 2016, SMH achieved ISO22000 certification. 


visit us at www.smhfood.com for 'quality you can taste' dim sums